Chhawla Case: After Gang rape, she was killed by putting acid in her eyes:

The accused were acquitted in the case of raping and killing a girl in Chhawla. As soon as the Supreme Court’s decision came, the victim’s mother started crying bitterly. While crying, she was saying only one thing that she could not get justice for her Laado. As soon as the Supreme Court’s decision came in the case of a 19-year-old girl who was a victim of cruelty and cruelty in Chhawla, the victim’s mother started crying bitterly. While crying, she was saying only one thing that she could not get justice for her Laado. He said that he struggled for 12 years to get justice for the daughter, which was ignored by the court.

The victim’s father said that he was broken by the Supreme Court’s decision but would continue the legal battle. The victim’s mother started crying as soon as she got information about the acquittal of the three accused who had done cruelty to her daughter in the Supreme Court’s decision. People around were trying to silence him. After the incident, his will to live was over. She was living in the wait that she could get justice for her daughter.

He said that I am not alone or only our relatives in the fight to get justice for the daughter. Our entire locality, the entire society, the entire city, and the entire country are with us. The relatives said that first, the Dwarka district court sentenced the three accused to death, and then the high court upheld it. We also expected from the top court of the country that the decision of the High Court would be upheld, but we were disappointed. that was unexpected.

After the gang rape, he was killed by putting acid in his eyes.

In the year 2012, such an incident was carried out in the Chhawla area, which had crossed all limits of cruelty. Three youths kidnapped a 19-year-old girl from the area from the car and after gang-raping her, killed her by putting acid in her eyes. The incident is on 14 February 2012. The girl was on her way home in the evening after finishing her work. During this, three youths kidnapped him from the car on the way. After not reaching the daughter’s house for a long time, the family members started worrying and she started looking for her daughter at her level.

After that, the family informed the police about the incident. Police registered a case of kidnapping and started an investigation. Initially, the police came to know that three youths had kidnapped the victim from the car. A few days later, the police arrested three accused Ravi Kumar, Rahul, and Vinod in this case. Investigation revealed that the accused gang-raped the girl after kidnapping her.

During this, he was beaten up with the tools used in the car. Her body was burnt with a cigarette. The girl got mad and killed her by putting acid in both eyes. In this case, the trial court and the Delhi High Court sentenced the three accused to death. After this, an appeal was made in the Supreme Court against the punishment on behalf of the convicts. The Supreme Court on Monday reversed the High Court’s decision and acquitted all three convicts.

Accused not guilty merely on the ground of moral defect or suspicions

Supreme Court held that the appellants were deprived of their right to a fair trial. Commenting on the trial court’s decision, it said that the courts cannot convict the accused merely on the basis of moral turpitude or suspicion. It may be true that if the accused involved in the heinous crime are not punished or acquitted, society in general and the victim’s family may suffer grief and despair. The Supreme Court said every matter should be decided in the courts strictly on merit and in accordance with the law, without being influenced by any external moral pressures. In its order, the Supreme Court said, the prosecution failed to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

Release of rape accused will boost their morale: Swati Maliwal

Delhi Commission for Women chairperson Swati Maliwal has expressed concern over the acquittal of the accused in the rape and murder case of a girl in Chhawla. He said that this decision will boost the morale of the accused of rape. She tweeted that in the year 2012, a 19-year-old girl was murdered after being gang-raped in Delhi. In this case, the High Court sentenced the accused to death, but the Supreme Court acquitted the accused. While the victim was tortured. Acid was poured into his eye and his private part was vandalized.

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